When you enter the reception area at TBICO, hanging over the attendance book is an antique brass bell. This is the bell that a TBICO graduate will ring to announce their new job! Loud enough to be heard throughout the building, and when that bell rings everyone comes running. And we mean everyone! Everything is put on hold while staff, volunteers, students, and visitors gather by the bell to celebrate the good news and hear about the new job. So remember...when you hear a bell ring, an angel got its wings and a TBICO graduate got a new job!

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We do not receive state or federal funding and rely heavily on private donations to help others become more self sufficient and enhance their future and the futures of their children. Please send your tax deductible donation to

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Matching Gift Programs
Many corporations have a matching gift program which can double your contribution to TBICO if you participate in their program. Speak with your Human Resource representative for more information.

Is it Your Turn to Cross the Bridge?

Better Lives.

Better Jobs.

Better Skills.

TBICO teaches people how to take control of their lives. It is an educational, employment and personal resource center for individuals who want to improve their skills, expand their employment options, and enhance their future and the futures of their children.

The Bridge to Independence 

and Career Opportunities


Is it Your Turn to Cross the Bridge and Attend a Corporate Edge Class?

New classes will start in early January 2017.  These employment-focused classes incorporate computer skills, ‪resume preparation, interviewing skills, ‪confidence building, and more. Plus, there is no fee to participate! Take the next step and call  203-743-6695 for an appointment to discuss enrollment today!

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