Mr. David Deschenes, owner of Spectrum Video Productions LLC, produced a video to capture the passion of our volunteers, supporters and staff for our nonprofit's mission, including thoughtful insight from graduates and current students.  


What we do:

We provide people with the chance to build a foundation so they can succeed on their own - by providing them with employment-focused education and training that is modular in design, and able to be customized to a broad range of skill levels and learning abilities. The program is well-suited for people who have little work experience as well as for people who have worked for years.

Who we help:

TBICO programs are not gender-specific; however, it is predominantly women who seek out our services. Our population includes people who are unemployed or underemployed, with a great many being dislocated workers downsized after years of working and in need of retraining. Some are displaced homemakers who suddenly find themselves the family breadwinner as a result of divorce or the death or disablement of a spouse. Many more are women who never expected to need help but who for a variety of reasons no longer have adequate income or, perhaps, the skills to manage their income so that they are able to support their family. There is never a cost to participants for any service.

"TBICO changed my life.

I didn't know where to go, where to turn.

I am very grateful."

Who we are:

TBICO is a nonprofit organization established in 1993, dedicated to helping people help themselves. Our mission is to promote personal and economic self-sufficiency through education, job training and financial literacy. Our vision - to create long-lasting changes that address the underlying problems that threaten a family's economic stability and ultimately their children's future.