TBICO Programs

​​TBICO offers a free, intensive, focused curriculum of business, financial and interpersonal workshops; providing skills that often can be used not only in the workplace but also at home

…and the key requirement for our participants is MOTIVATION!

Career Resource Center

TBICO graduates use the Career Resource Center for weekly Job Search Team meetings, consultations with corporate volunteers, mock interviews, computer work space, networking, and more.

Corporate Closet

Our students/participants will be ready for their job interview after "shopping" in our on-site Corporate Closet. It is filled with professional style clothes and accessories which have been generously donated and made available to our students/participants free of charge. 

Corporate Edge Business Skills

Corporate Edge Business Skills training is TBICO's core curriculum. This program is comprehensive and employment focused, targeting computer skills and workforce training in demand by area employers.  There is no fee to attend. Motivation and participation secures a place in our program.  The program objective is for you to ultimately secure employment in a job that pays a living wage, offers benefits, has opportunity for advancement, and where you will use the skills learned in class. Click here for more info...

Family Self-Sufficiency

A federal program designed to help residents of public housing increase their earned income and achieve economic self-sufficiency and upward mobility in the workforce and in life. The program is funded by HUD through Housing Authority City of Danbury.

Job Search Team 

Our facilitated job search team meets weekly to work together on resume development and career networking.

Keyboarding Classes

Keyboarding classes for adults are held at TBICO. These classes are designed to teach proper posture and finger usage to develop Touch Typing techniques; and emphasize improved accuracy while improving speed without looking at the keyboard. Students will also be given some website tools to continue their training at home. There is no fee to attend, but registration is required. Please call Carole at 203-743-6695 (ext. 20) to register.   

Key Rings 

    Key Rings program targets stable housing through financial literacy and improved money management.      Funding for the security deposit assistance grants is provided through a CDBG grant from the City of Danbury.  Key Rings is a one-time only grant and when the family moves, the security deposit is returned to TBICO/Key Rings by the landlord so that it can be used to help another family. With the majority of our families remaining housed for long periods of time, the number of returned security deposits is low so we rely on the community to help us keep area families housed and healthy by donating to support the Key Rings Program! 

The Money Gym

Where you go to get Fiscally Fit!

Our mission is to promote personal and economic self-sufficiency and one of the tools we use is our financial education and budgeting program. Additionally, we offer workshops, fiscal assessments, one-on-one coaching, follow up and case management 


Skillbuilders is our basic skills program that is available for those who are taking their first steps toward entering or re-entering the workforce.