Employees from Praxair shared their time and expertise with TBICO students


Do you have time and talents to share? We would love to have you share them at TBICO! Just email us at info@tbicoworks.org or call  203-743-6695 for more info.                      

William Florin

TBICO Board of Directors

Chairman of Board

William Florin

Beth Ann Fetzer

​Valerie Pagliaro

LouAnn Bloomer

Marie E. Erk

Kristine Foss

Barbara "B.B." Jackson
Kelly Mangold 

​Meagan Schmidt

Ellen Shea
Patricia Voorhees

Marlene Warren

We'd like you to meet just a few of our valuable volunteers. . .

Dr. Darla Shaw, WCSU

Our Volunteers Make the Difference!

Al Smith

Phyllis Zagarella

Our Volunteers Are Awesome!

Kathleen Bogart